South Delhi business school Promotes Entrepreneurship through Talks

Students at the South Delhi-based business schools Jagannath International Management School in Kalkaji have developed an initiative to create a platform for conversations with business leaders who are the reasons for entrepreneurial genius. It is entitled “The JIMS Talks”.

It has completed 4 episodes with amazing voice actors so far; always coming up with noble ideas and inspirational stories to interact with the nation’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

The first guest was the renowned founder of DaurCom and Bliss Foundation & CGO of FrutX Industries, Mr. Utkarsh Gupta, who came to the show to headline the first episode

We continued with the speaker for the second episode of Mr. Amit Malhotra. He is a serial entrepreneur, leader and construction industry veteran. Founder of McCoy Mart, India’s premier marketplace for construction professionals. The President of the Confederation of Construction Products and Services (CCPS), the founder of WFM Media. His entrepreneurial journey has been inspirational to every student out there.

Episode – 3 No Shame Movement promoted by Actor & IAS Abhishek Singh. The highlight of the third episode was a person of invaluable accomplishments. He is the Deputy Commissioner of Delhi; a well respected IAS officer who envisioned his noble No Shame Movement initiative through his NGO United By Blood to take a step towards grievances young girls face almost daily. It is a step to address the vulnerabilities young girls face due to “non-consensual image sharing”. In such situations, they are more likely to be exploited, even to the extent that they are forced to commit crimes. The talk show took place on January 3, 2023 and was remarkably well-handled by the students and faculty at JIMS, Kalkaji.

Episode – 4 was on The Journey behind JustDial – India’s #1 Local Search Engine by its co-founder Mr. Ramani Iyer, a respected entrepreneur and angel investor.

An immense privilege to appreciate the stories from his life; from the time when he was just a neophyte. How he planted the seed of his managerial skills with his grocery delivery business as a simple idea of ​​serving hot, home-made packed lunches to office visitors. From the man who prepared food for several people to the man who now holds prestigious positions at established companies such as Justdial and Spykke Ltd. holds. The talk show took place on January 9, 2023 and was exceptionally well delivered by the students and faculty at JIMS, Kalkaji.

Deepak Panchal, the founder of The JIMS Talks, can be contacted on 9821 9623 9 five