On Camera, 4 Men Stop Delhi Businessman’s Car, Loot Nearly Rs 2 Crore

In video, four men rob a car of cash worth Rs 1.97 crore in Delhi

New Delhi:

A scooty rider is seen arguing with the driver of a sedan on a road in Delhi. Though it’s night, the place is well-lit, and some cars keep passing by. Nothing seems amiss. But suddenly, a man comes running from behind and hits the front driver side window, shattering the glass.

All this was seen on a CCTV camera installed at a property on the side of the road.

Narendra Kumar Agarwal, a Delhi business, and his relative, Karan Agarwal, lost several bags of cash worth Rs 1.97 crore that were kept in the car boat. Their driver was also in the car.

The CCTV footage shows the man who came in a scooty whip out a handgun and threaten the businessman and the other two who are inside the car.

In a flash, three more men come running from behind and break the front window. They overpower the driver and unlock the car boot. Two of the robbers sprint to the rear of the car and grab the money bags. Then all of them split up and run away.

The police said the businessman was coming from Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. The robbers may have been tracking them from there since they knew where the money was kept.