Explained: What is Delhi Technology University’s ‘Lab on Wheels’ programme?

Written by Aranya Shankar, edited by Explained Desk | New Delhi |

Updated April 7, 2021 12:53:11 PM

Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia Tuesday inaugurated Delhi Technological University’s ‘Lab on Wheels’ program. University students will travel around Delhi on a bus teaching government students and disadvantaged children.

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‘Lab on Wheels’: what is the concept?

The idea is to provide students with marginalized and poor economic backgrounds with an education in math and science in order to spark their interest in these subjects during their studies. In the end, there is hope that it will be mutually beneficial if some of these students choose to be admitted to the DTU after they graduate from school.


Dy CM @msisodia launches “LAB ON WHEELS”

➡️Vehicle hosts computers, televisions, 3D printers
➡️ Help spread digital literacy in remote areas
➡️DTU students offer study trips and lectures

This is the Education Revolution by @ArvindKejriwal Govt 💯pic.twitter.com/Ddn0WjEEVA

– AAP (@AamAadmiParty) April 6, 2021

What equipment will be on the bus?

The “Lab on Wheels” will include 16 computers, two televisions, a 3D printer, a laptop, cameras and a printer. It will be Wi-Fi enabled, 100 percent powered, and fully air conditioned.

How many volunteers will be teaching and how many students will this cover?

The program is initially aimed at 12 schools. The bus runs in three shifts of three hours each from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Schools are attended once a week for eight consecutive weeks, DTU PRO Anoop Lather said. In each shift, two volunteers (DTU students) teach 16 students if it is a computer lab, or 25 students if it is regular class in the classroom. After eight weeks, a new set of 12 schools will be selected.

“If we find it’s a success, we can also increase the number of buses,” said Lather.

What is all taught in the program?

Since the DTU is a technological university, the focus is on mathematics and natural sciences. Topics covered include basic computer training for high school students, regular lessons for grade 10 and 12 students, and 3D printing training.

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When will the laboratory be on the road and what safety precautions are being followed for Covid-19?

“In the end, we were fully prepared to start right after the inauguration, but there was concern in schools with the rise in Covid-19 cases. Currently we are not sure when to start. However, we will follow all safety precautions. The Indian government’s Covid protocol will be strictly followed as soon as we start operations, ”said Amit Shrivastava, Associate Dean (Outreach Extension & Activities).