Ex-Wrestling champion held for attempting to kill murder convict in Delhi

Ex-wrestling champion Kunal and his co-worker were arrested for allegedly trying to kill Pawan, who “brutally killed” his uncle 27 years ago, the police said on Monday.

Kunal had won a gold medal in the national junior wrestling championship in 2017. (India Today Photo)


  • Ex-wrestling champion Kunal was arrested for attempting to kill a man in 1993 to avenge his uncle’s murder
  • Pawan and his partners – Sompal and Lakshman – were shot dead by two boys on a bicycle
  • Kunal had won a gold medal at the national junior championship champion in 2017

Kunal, a former national junior wrestling champion, was arrested for attempting to kill the person who allegedly participated in his uncle’s death in Delhi 27 years ago.

Kunal and his associate Navin allegedly shot Pawan in revenge for the murder of his uncle. A bullet grazed Pawan and hit Laxman in the stomach. The injured were hospitalized.

Pawan, who is on parole in 1993 for the murder of Sadar Bazar, was with his friends Sompal and Laxman at Gali Church Wali when two men on bicycles arrived in Pawan at around 5:30 p.m. and fired.

Delhi police found that Pawan has been implicated in three murders and one attempted murder. It was therefore difficult to determine which of his rivals attacked him. However, the police eventually grabbed former wrestling champion Kunal and his friend Navin for the attack.

Kunal, who won a gold medal in the national junior wrestling championship in 2017, announced that he and co-defendant Aniket had committed the crime and raids were carried out accordingly.

Kunal said his uncle and Pawan had an altercation in 1990, police said. He informed the police that the alleged criminal killed his uncle in 1993.