Delhi records 3,194 new Covid cases, positivity rate jumps to 4.59% | Delhi News

Delhi had reported 3,231 cases on May 20 last year (file photo)

NEW DELHI: The state capital reported 3,194 new Covid cases on Sunday, the highest increase in a day since March 20.
Under a tiered action plan approved by the Delhi Civil Protection Agency, if the positivity rate is above five percent for two consecutive days, a red alarm can be triggered, resulting in a “full curfew” and the cessation of most economic Activities leads.
The number of coronavirus cases on Sunday was 17 percent higher than the 2,716 infections registered the day before.
Delhi had reported 3,231 cases on May 20 last year with a positivity rate of 5.50 percent. There were 233 deaths recorded that day.
On Friday and Thursday, according to official figures, 1,796 and 1,313 cases were registered with a positivity rate of 1.73 percent and 2.44 percent, respectively. The daily case numbers on Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday were 923, 496 and 331, respectively.
The huge surge in new cases in Delhi in recent days is seen amid a sharp surge in cases of the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus in the city.
The city’s coronavirus death toll has risen to 25,109.
The number of accumulated cases on Sunday was 14.54.121.
About 14.19 lakh patients have recovered from the infection.
Nine Covid-19 deaths were reported in the city last December and seven in November, according to official figures.
Delhi had four Covid deaths in October and five in September.
A total of 69,650 tests – 59,897 RT-PCR tests – were performed the day before, the bulletin said.