Delhi Police intentionally removed barricade so that BJP supporters can enter DyCM Manish Sisodia’s house: Saurabh Bhardwaj | India News

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi’s party leader and main spokesman, Saurabh Bhardwaj, and MLA Atishi have beaten the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for allegedly attacking the residence and family of Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia in his absence.

Speaking to reporters here Thursday, Saurabh Bhardwaj said that Union Interior Minister Amit Shah, with the assistance of Delhi Police, is plotting to kill family members of Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia. He said that on the one hand, CM Arvind Kejriwal has been under house arrest for a few days and, on the other hand, BJP members attacked the home of the deputy prime minister when he was not at home today.

Bhardwaj said several attacks on Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal took place earlier and that today the BJP thugs attacked the deputy prime minister’s family members. He said police officers in Delhi, who were responsible for protecting the deputy prime minister’s residence, previously had information about the attack and deliberately removed the barricade to allow BJP supporters to enter his home.

On these statements, Atishi added that it was the first time in the history of Indian politics that the thugs of a certain political party (BJP) attacked the family members of a seated deputy prime minister with the assistance of the police.

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She said Interior Minister Amit Shah is the only person who can instruct the BJP thugs to attack the family of Delhi’s Dy CM and also the Delhi police in order to assist these thugs. She also said that the Interior Minister planned this attack to take revenge on the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi as the people of Delhi rejected the BJP in the last election.

Atishi said that the BJP understood that they will also be defeated by the people in the upcoming MCD elections, so the BJP is seeking revenge. Has the Indian Minister of the Interior bent so far that he will send thugs and cops to kill the CM, Dy CM and the leaders of the AAP?

She said that today is a black day in Delhi’s politics. People are seeing the BJP try to get to power through violence and people will defeat the BJP in the upcoming MCD polls like they did in the general election.

Bhardwaj said: “We called this press conference to raise a very serious matter. As you must all know, our Prime Minister was attacked several times before the Delhi elections. Each time BJP blamed the citizens for these attacks, claiming they were at the time Attacks on ministers. Today there is an anarchic environment created by the BJP in which an elected prime minister is under house arrest. In the absence of the deputy prime minister, his family members were attacked by the violent criminals of the BJP government. “

He said: “Interior Minister Shri Amit Shah is ready through Delhi Police to do serious harm to the family of the deputy CMs. The violent attack that was carried out today was never carried out on anyone’s home, especially in the absence of those affected. The most surprising part however, the police, located outside for security reasons, already knew that BJP workers were going to attack. The barricades were removed, those attackers were given in and allowed to enter the living quarters. This incident took place today under the supervision of the Delhi Police. “

Atishi said: “The incident that occurred at around noon today at the residence of Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia has never occurred in the political history of Delhi. Under police surveillance, BJP government officials launched an attack on those in his absence the family of the deputy prime minister sit. “

She said: “Protests take place in offices, on visits, in public businesses, but never in the family. Especially at a time when the Hon’ble Minister was not available. There is only one person who is able to give orders to the Delhi police. Allow this and this is Home Secretary Amit Shah. He is the one who sent the offender to attack and used the Delhi police to protect them. “

She asked, “Does Mr. Amit Shah want to kill the deputy prime minister’s family for launching such a violent attack? Is this a vengeance being taken by the Aam Aadmi party and Hon’ble Prime Minister Kejriwal for causing BJP in the EU has lost hard? ” Is this a vengeance because the Delhiites decided to elect Mr. Kejriwal as their prime minister? Amit Shah, the political thought leader, has recognized that the fate of the MCD elections will be the same as that of the Vidhan Sabha elections. “

Atishi said: “This irrational behavior is quite evident in his daily actions. Recently he forced the Hon’ble Chief Minister under house arrest. Nobody was able to meet him. The Delhi police did nothing to remove the demonstrators sitting there, but they did they did it. ” the power to stop 400 people from meeting the CM. Not even a single barricade was removed. Seated MLA Akhilesh Pati Tripathi was brutally attacked but did not touch BJP workers. “

She said: “Mr. Amit Shah has fallen to new lows so much that he has resorted to attacking family members because he has his supporters on the one hand and Delhi police on the other, who had clear instructions to allow attackers to enter the premises They could have been stopped if they wanted, but the Delhi Police personnel chose to remain on the sidelines, and these protesters were stopped by the Deputy CM camp officials and civil defense personnel who then forced them out. “

She said: “Today is a black day in Delhi’s political state. Political differences are feasible, questions of strategy and performance are raised, and this is acceptable in a democracy. But it is not necessary to attack families because of these political differences. It is Delhiites. ” I am well aware of the cheap tactics BJP used in the 2020 election, from abuse to assault. From today’s incident it appears that all previous ones would have been orchestrated by Shri. Amit Shah. In the upcoming MCD elections, I am sure that the Delhiites will teach a tough lesson to the BJP ministers as they did in the 2020 elections. “