Delhi Metro News: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation intensifies Covid-19 safety protocols | Delhi News

New Delhi: If you are arriving in Delhi by subway, be prepared for a longer waiting time to enter subway stations due to the regulation of passenger traffic and the maintenance of social distancing at subway stations were reinforced.
With the recent surge in Covid-19 cases, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has decided to step up its efforts to step up social distancing and face masking measures in stations and trains.
As part of the strengthened measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, entry at stations will be regulated on the basis of social distancing at the stations, especially at the main stations such as Rajiv Chowk, Barakhamba Road, Central Secretariat, Patel Chowk, ITO, etc. during Morning and evening peak times.
“Due to the strict tightening of social distancing norms, passengers are encouraged to plan their travel in advance and allow 20-30 minutes of additional time for commuting,” said Anuj Dayal, Executive Director (Corporate Communications) of DMRC. “If possible, off-peak travel can also be chosen by people who are flexible enough to avoid overcrowding or long waits during rush hour,” it said.
“According to the existing Covid safety protocol, it is mandatory for all passengers to enter the station after thermal screening, hand disinfection, properly masked face and social distancing in the subway premises throughout their journey,” said Dayal.
While waiting in line, passengers must definitely wait for the marked social distance circles or strips, he said. “If it is found that the distance at the stations is not being respected, the entrance gates for the passengers at these stations are closed until the distance is ensured,” he said.
Dayal said that the number of flying squads and the frequency of control drives will be increased inside the trains to ensure that the Covid safety protocol is strictly followed by passengers and that the perpetrators are punished on site.
He said DMRC is also writing to the district administration to facilitate the necessary assistance in ensuring social distancing and law and order outside of the subway stations as more passengers may be waiting outside the stations while they wait that it is their turn to enter the appropriate social distancing norms.
“DMRC has also directed its station officials to step up their inspection and ensure that all travel protocols are strictly followed by both metro personnel and the traveling public,” he said.