Delhi: Happy that all students part of online teaching, says deputy CM Manish Sisodia | Noida News

NEW DELHI: Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia spoke to teachers and parents on Saturday to get their feedback on teaching-learning activities for students in the state schools in Delhi. He also asked for suggestions to improve online education during his visit to two state schools and suggested that parent-teacher meetings (PTMs) be held online.
After attending schools in Prashant Vihar and Pitampura, Sisodia tweeted: “What a joy to attend school after such a long time! Very happy to learn that our teachers connect with all of their students. As of today I have started to review the online (or semi-online) learning process in Corona time (sic). ”

What a joy to attend school after such a long time! Delighted to learn that our teachers are connecting with all of their students …

– Manish Sisodia (@msisodia) 1595663754000
The Minister of Education also interacted with the students and advised them to practice meditation. “The Delhi government is making every effort to ensure that every student receives the best facilities,” he said.
While interacting with teachers, Sisodia said, “When the lockdown occurred, we started online courses. At the time, everyone thought that online education was only for private students. But our education officials and teachers have used innovative techniques to reach and connect with all children. ”
“This was the first time in the country that public schools had online education on such a scale,” he added. Sisodia described Delhi’s technology-based teaching-learning model as “semi-online” and explained how students up to grade X receive worksheets every week via WhatsApp and children whose parents do not have a smartphone are invited to pick up the printout of the weekly worksheets. Almost all Grade XII children take live online classes in twelve subjects, he said.
“There was a time when access to education was based on religion and caste, and later on financial situation. A rift developed in society. We bridged this by rebuilding our state schools with world class facilities. It should not create a new divide between those who have access to digital devices and those who do not, ”added the deputy CM, explaining the reasons for introducing the semi-online teaching model.
Sisodia said there is no vaccine against loss of education. “If a student misses an education, it is not only a loss for the child or the family, but also for the whole country.”
Accepting that online courses are no substitute for classrooms and “see the Kashmir Valley in a movie instead of going there,” he said it was important to keep learning going.
While interacting with the minister, teachers from SKV Prashant Vihar said that 96% of their students were enrolled in the online classes and attempts were made to connect the remaining children.
Teachers and parents described happiness classes as a fulfilling experience in the prevailing situation. One of the parents said they moved their child from private school to state school in order to get better facilities.