Delhi BJP chief wants Muslim names of 40 villages changed | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Delhi BJP president Adesh Gupta, who is leading his party’s ‘bulldozer’ campaign against encroachment by “Rohingyas and Bangladeshis”, on Saturday announced his plan for changing Muslim names of 40 villages in the national capital.
In a press conference here, Gupta said that the party will send a proposal to Kejriwal government for changing the names of 40 villages in the city that symbolize a period of “slavery”.
“Nobody wants to live with a mindset of slavery that denote these names. I have received requests from several villagers for changing names of their villages,” he said
BJP ruled South MCD passed a resolution to change the name of village Mohammadpur to Madhavpuram but Delhi government is sitting over it and not approving it, he claimed.
“Local BJP councillor Bhagat Singh Tokas got a resolution passed by the corporation and had the town planning department send a letter signed by all villagers to the Delhi government’s Urban Development department on December 9 last year,” Gupta said.
No immediate reaction was available from Delhi government on Gupta’s claim.
Apart from Mohammadpur village, there are 40 other such villages whose names villagers want changed, said Gupta.
These 40 villages include Humayunpur, Yusuf Sarai, Masoodpur, Zamroodpur, Begumpur, Saidul Ajab, Fatehpur Beri, Hauz Khas, and Sheikh Sarai to name a few, he said.
He said political parties playing “appeasement” politics have been “unmasked” because their vote bank is now being “bulldozed”.
Last Wednesday, BJP-ruled North MCD sent bulldozers to remove encroachment in Jahangirpuri area, a day after Delhi BJP president wrote to its mayor asking for the demolition of “illegal structures”.
Violence and arson gripped Jahangirpuri last Saturday, when Hindus and Muslims pelted stoned and clashed with each other during a Hanuman Jayanti procession.
Gupta also wrote letters to mayors of party-ruled South and East MCD to identify and remove encroachment by Rohingyas, Bangladeshis, and “anti-social elements” in their areas.
The entire opposition, including AAP and Congress, are furious over bulldozing of encroachments in Jahangirpuri, Gupta said.
“Entire opposition is backing rioters in Jahangirpuri because the ‘bulldozer of justice’ is doing its work. In Rajasthan, the Congress government bulldozed a 300-year-old Shiva temple, yet the double-standard political parties are silent,” Gupta said.