Chhatrasal brawl case: Sushil Kumar interrogated for 4 hours | Delhi News

Sushil Kumar and his associate Ajay were arrested on Sunday from the Mundka area outside Delhi. Officials said they are investigating the case from different angles. (ANI PHOTO)

NEW DELHI: Two-time Olympic gold medalist Sushil Kumar, arrested in connection with the fight at Chhatrasal Stadium that resulted in the death of a wrestler, was interrogated for almost four hours on Monday, police in Delhi said.
Kumar and his associate Ajay were arrested on Sunday from the Mundka area outside Delhi. Officials said they are investigating the case from different angles.
“We are interviewing Kumar to determine the sequence of events that occurred and led the crime, as well as to determine his whereabouts after the incident.
“He was also asked about his co-workers and friends who helped him hide. He is being taken to the location to recreate the crime scene,” the official said.
Police had previously said that the incident took place over a dispute over a property in Model Town.
“It was not a trespassing case. The defendant took the victims to the stadium where they attacked them in the parking lot. Sushil Kumar was present when the incident occurred. However, the police are investigating his role in the attack,” An official source said.
Police said further questioning of Kumar would clarify whether the brawl took place over a property dispute.
“The motive for attacking wrestler Sagar Rana and his friends Sonu and Amit Kumar, who were injured, will only be clear during interrogation,” police said.
However, the police refused to reveal details of an alleged video of the incident that Kumar allegedly recorded by his agent.
Police are also investigating the link between Sushil Kumar and alleged gangster Kala Jathedi, whose nephew Sonu was also injured in the brawl.
A 23-year-old wrestler died and two of his friends were injured after they were allegedly attacked by Kumar and others at Chhatrasal Stadium.
The incident happened on the night between May 4th and May 5th because of a dispute over a property in the model city.
Prince Dalal, 24, a resident of Haryanas Jhajjar, had been arrested in connection with the case and a double-barreled weapon had been torn from his possession.
Police said they had confiscated two double-barreled guns, seven live cartridges, two wooden sticks and five cars in connection with the case.
Police said Sunday that the case, which is currently under investigation by Northwest District police, will be officially referred to the criminal investigation department by Monday.
Sushil Kumar left town as soon as he learned of the wrestler’s death, police had said several teams were being formed to track down him and his aide, but he kept moving.
Several teams, including the Crime Branch and four Special Cell teams, carried out raids in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana and Punjab.
The Delhi police had announced a Rs 1 lakh reward for information leading to the arrest of Sushil Kumar, who had since been on the run. Another reward of Rs 50,000 was announced for the arrest of Ajay.
The metropolitan magistrate Divya Malhotra had granted the police six-day custody of Sushil Kumar, who was physically produced in court.
A court in Delhi had previously refused to grant the two-time Olympic medalist early bail. At first sight he was the main conspirator and the allegations against him were serious.
The Delhi Police filed an FIR in the case under Sections 302 (murder), 308 (culpable murder), 365 (kidnapping), 325 (serious injuries), 323 (voluntary injuries), 341 (unlawful restraint) and 506 (criminal ) an intimidation) of the Indian Criminal Code (IPC).
The case was also resolved under sections 188 (disobedience to an order by an officer), 269 (negligent act that may spread a disease infection), 120-B (criminal conspiracy) and 34 (joint intention) of the IPC, as well as various sections of the IPC registered gun law.