Actor and comedian Ssumier Pasricha decides to balance his newly set Delhi-business with Mumbai’s shoot-life, Read!

MUMBAI: Almost 10 years ago, Ssumier Pasricha moved to Mumbai to pursue a full-time career, but things have changed over the past year. The actor, who has appeared on TV shows such as Sasural Simar Ka and Tenali Rama and is known on social media as “Pammi Aunty”, has been mainly in Delhi for a year and occasionally flies to Mumbai to film.

“I have never spent so much time in Delhi in the past 20 years. Personally, I like Mumbai, but I’m in Delhi for now. I lost my father last year, so it was important to me to have time here for my pharmaceutical business and above all to be with my mother, “he says, adding:” Then the pandemic happened and I got stuck here. But for me it was a blessing as I could give my business and family time. I will be in Delhi now and business is my priority but I will continue to travel to Mumbai to work. I just got back from there after a month of shooting and will be leaving in December, ”says Ssumier, who started acting again almost a year later.

“I made my singing debut, something I’ve always wanted to do. Actually, I always wanted to be a singer, but became an actor. After I make my singing debut, I’ll try to continue, ”he adds.

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The actor, who last appeared on TV in Tenali Rama, says that after becoming popular as “Pammi Aunty”, he got mostly comic book roles. He says, “It’s hard to break this image of Pammi Auntie. At first when I wanted to do comedy, nobody wanted to give me comic book roles as I was doing serious shows back then. This was in 2011-13 when I was doing Sasural Simar Ka. I would audition for comedy shows and they wouldn’t take me away. Now when I ask about serious roles, they say “nahi nahi aap toh comedy kartey hain, because wo image comedy ki ban gayi hai”. “

Ssumier adds that he’s open to interesting TV roles but isn’t approached for roles that he would prefer. “I did Tenali Rama because it was an interesting character. The problem is, I don’t want to stand in line and do those phrases and say dialogues like “haaw kheer gir gayi, chooha chala gaya”. I would still do television if it was an interesting role. I’m not approached for TV shows, maybe because people think, “ab aap TV kahan karenge” or I could ask a lot. These kinds of perceptions exist. Sometimes they want me to make a character that requires long-term commitment that I currently can’t give. If it’s an interesting and powerful cameo I’d love to watch TV. “, He adds.

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Photo credit: Bombay Times